Cleaning up Kings Nympton!

Whilst walking in Kings Nympton have you spotted an increasing amount of dog mess in the area?

Local residents are trying to make a difference and encourage responsible dog walking in the area. Some residents are picking up dog fouling on a regular basis especially around areas where children play. North Devon Council also wishes to remind anyone in charge of a dog that it is an offence to allow your dog to foul in a publicly accessible area without cleaning it up.This includes car parks, recreation and sports grounds, parks, pavements as well as verges, footpaths and beaches.

Failure to do so or leaving it to collect later (or even hanging it on a tree!) can still result in a fixed penalty of £75 (or a maximum of £1000). North Devon Council Dog Warden, Alan Kyle, states that it is 'no excuse' to walk a dog without a dog waste bag. If fouling takes place, this will result in a fine so it makes sense to have a few extra with you. There are plenty of local retailers who stock dog waste bags in South Molton.

Anyone can report dog fouling incidents using the NDC online form at: www.northdevon.gov.uk/do-it-online/report-it/report-an-incident-to-environmental-health