Northern Devon Right to travel

The group is there to campaign for a better and more comprehensive public transport system for our communities. It is shocking that in this day and age places like South Molton, Combe Martin, Lynton, Torrington and Holsworthy have no buses on a Sunday, that some quite substantial communities have one or two buses a week and that public transport serves fewer places than it did 70 years ago.

Meeting 11am. Barnstaple library, Tuly Street

Saturday 29 February 2020


  • Housekeeping
  • Possibly a brief talk by a representative of North Devon Public Transport Users
  • Election of steering committee (we need to decide the number and to encourage people from isolated locations and young people)



IT and media


  • Collection
  • Split into groups for specific purposes.

Fund raising ideas group

Collection of information group.

Short term goals group.

Town and parish councillors group

  • Report back from groups and list of things to do, who is to take responsibility and when they are to be done by.
  • Date and venue of future meetings