Here at Glow Gold our mission is to improve the profile of childhood cancer and awareness during September which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM). 

We are a group of parents & grandparents of children with cancer that have got together to try and make a difference and change the face of childhood cancer. Without improved awareness and increased publicity, little will change in terms of early diagnosis, research, treatment or prognosis for our children.

We have therefore launched the Glow Gold September- childhood cancer awareness campaign last year to get iconic buildings throughout the UK & world to Illuminate in gold during the month of September. With the aim of improving the profile of childhood cancer in line with that of the more well known adult cancers.

Myself and Pat Hayes are admin of the Glow Gold campaign. We started the campaign in September 2016 so a relatively new campaign but we are not a charity so we are not after any money or able to offer any but our campaign is gathering momentum.

We have a huge support from parents throughout UK, Europe, America & Canada. We require like minded support from yourselves to back our campaign and help fight for our children. 

I lost my son Kai to childhood cancer and Pat’s grandson was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in 2010 and we want to stop the heartache for other families. 

We are planning next year's campaign, which will include a project called 'A Garden of Gold'. We would like public parks, private gardens, display boxes, planters or prominent visual displays to create a display of yellow and gold flowers, which will bloom in late August/early September 2018 in recognition of children who have gained their wings and those still fighting in your area. 

I hope you will be able to support this project and give the go-ahead for your iconic display of flowers to be #goldtastic and participate Gold/yellow flowers even in a small way. 

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, Princess Street Gardens Ross Fountain and Earl Spencer are a few examples of who have already agreed to join the campaign, as have many other gardens around the UK and world so it would be great if you can use your power for good and be encouraged to 'dig for Gold'. 

''Where flowers bloom, hope grows''

We would appreciate any help you can give us. 

Kids can’t fight cancer alone! 


Pamela Neilson 

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Twitter: @glowgoldkids

Facebook: www.facebook.com/glowgoldseptember/